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Firstly, welcome to Acid Tabs!
My name is Jay. I am a musician, producer, label owner and a lover of all things relating to the Roland TB-303 and the Roland TB-03.
If you are reading this, then it is likely you are one of these too 🙂


While I have designed Acid Tabs to be a "Responsive Website", using this site on a Desktop computer or Tablet is recommended.
I designed and built Acid Tabs, for many purposes, but mostly relating to "Patterns" for the TB-303 / TB-03.
Furthermore, I needed a way to back up and save my own patterns from my TB-03. I also wanted the ability to recall them and print them off.
Not all of these features are publicly available. However, I did want to share some useful features by making them available to the public.
This "Help" guide will give you, the end user, a breakdown of the "Blank Pattern Template Generators", as well as a guide on how to read and enter our Tabs from the "TB-303 Patterns" section.


These are some of the terms we use here on Acid Tabs, and what "We" mean, when they are used.
1. Tabs - As indicated in the name "Acid Tabs". Tabs means "Tables". These are tables used to show a "Pattern" or "Sequence" from the TB-303.
2. Pattern - We use this term to describe a Sequence of Notes, Octaves, Rests, Accents and Slides. This is often displayed in a "Tab"
3. Sequence - We may, at times, use this term to also describe a Pattern.
4. TB-303 / 303 - We may, at times, use this term to describe a group of devices sharing similar features of the original "Roland TB-303" (also see "Clone")
5. Clone - This term is used to describe other devices that have similar features of the original "Roland TB-303". For example, the Behringer TD-3, Behringer TD-3-MO, Cyclone Analogic TT303, DINSync RE-303 and the x0xb0x are all "Clones" of the Roland TB-303
6. CC - This term is used to describe Creative Commons, an American non-profit organization and international network devoted to educational access and expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share (Wikipedia).
6. PD - This term is used to describe a work in the "Public Domain". The public domain consists of all the creative work to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply. Those rights may have expired, been forfeited, expressly waived, or may be inapplicable. (Wikipedia)
7. Works - This term is used to describe a creation, production, project or an achievement. (Example: one of our TB-303 Patterns)

Help Index

1. TB-303 Patterns Help - Instruction on how to enter our Tabs into your TB-303 or clone device.
2. TB-303/TB-03 Blank Pattern Template Generators Help - Instructions on how to use the TB-303 Blank Pattern Template Generators.
3. Copyright, Donationware, Creative Commons & Public Domain - This help section explains the importance of each Creative Commons License, copyrighted works, Donationware, and works released into The Public Domain.
4. Sample Collections Help - This help section explains everything you need to know about our Sample Collections. From how to access your download, to using your Access Code, via our Download Portal.
5. Support Acid Tabs - Support Acid Tabs by making a small donation. This will help cover hosting charges and push us to adding new free content.
6. Make a Donation for a "Donationware Pattern" - Make, at least, a £2 donation for a "Donationware" pattern and we will send you a License Code, Acid Tabs Certificate and the pattern table PDF to your email. This grants the end user a license to use the selected pattern for commercial and non-commercial use. (see full license details here)
7. Make a Donation to help support Acid Tabs in the development of more content.

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