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Support Acid Tabs

If you would like to support Acid Tabs in any way, the best way is to make a small donation.
One of the biggest expenses to keep this website going is hosting charges.
Every little really does help cover our hosting costs.
We also want to continue to add new free TB-303 Patterns, under the Creative Commons licenses, which, most, allow commercial use. (Excluding all copyrighted patterns)
There are 2 options that direct you to the donation page.

We really appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy Acid Tabs!

Acid Tabs Donationware Link

Visit this Donationware Donation link if you require a license for a "Donationware Pattern".
You will require the "Pattern Name" along with a valid email address - This link will take you to PayPal.

Standard Donation Link

Visit this Standard Donation link which will take you to PayPal.

All donations are processed securely by PayPal

Thank you again! 🙂

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