Zen Chakra Tone And Binaural Beats Generator

Zen Chakra Tone And Binaural Beats Generator

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Demo MP3 for: Zen Chakra Tone And Binaural Beats Generator

Please ensure volume level is low and wear headphones when listening to Binaural Beats previews - Thank you.

This preview is a 3.0Hz Binaural Beat with a Carrier Frequency of 97.99hz, and an Offset Frequency of 100.99hz

Zen Chakra Tone and Binaural Beats Generator

Zen, by artist Echo Shore, is a two in one kontakt instrument, featuring a Chakra tone generator and a Binaural Beats generator.

Chakra Frequencies

The Chakra frequency sets presented are based on two of the most traditional.
These are the Solfeggio Frequencies and the Vedic Frequencies.
Each set features 7 tones, one for each Chakra.
Each frequency is assigned to an octave and colour coded to match that of its Chakra.

Example: The Root Chakra frequency is set to the 'Red' key octave range.
These frequencies are used for relaxation and meditating purposes and, at a low level, can be layered over relaxing tracks.

Binaural Beats

The word 'Binaural' basically means 2 ears or relating to 2 ears.
The 'Beat' refers to the rhythmic pattern of two sounds of slightly different frequencies.

With Binaural Beats, two frequencies are played simultaneously but in different ears.
Each tone is panned hard left and hard right, which is why headphones MUST be worn.

These two frequencies are named 'The Carrier' frequency and 'The Offset' frequency.

The Carrier frequency is a stationary frequency, while the Offset frequency is slightly detuned from the Carrier frequency.
The brain then gradually falls into synchrony with the difference of these two.
This is called the Beat frequency.

Example: Carrier Freq: 120hz with an Offset Freq: 140hz gives a Binaural Beat of 20Hz.

The Binaural Beat frequencies are split into groups. These are as follows:
1. Delta
2. Theta
3. Alpha
4. Beta
5. Gamma

Delta being the lowest band and Gamma being the highest.
So in the above example, a 20Hz Beat frequency would fall under the 'Beta' range.

The lowest set Carrier frequency in ZEN is 65.406Hz, which is the key of C2.
The highest set Carrier frequency in Zen is set to 1046.502hz, which is the key of C6

It is believed that a Binaural Beat frequency should not exceed 40Hz and both Carrier and Offset frequencies should not exceed 1000 Hz, so please keep this in mind.
The Binaural Beat frequency you set on the dial remains constant regardless of the note you choose within the set keyboard range.
Traditionally, Binaural Beat are produced using Sine waves. With Zen this is also the case but with the added flexibility of changing the wave form from Sine to Triangle, Square or Saw.

There are 10 User Preset slots available for saving your preferred beat frequencies.

Zen requires Native Instruments Kontakt version 6.1.1 or higher. For best results, please wear headphones, especially when previewing Binaural Beats.

Preview 1

3.0 Hz Binaural Beats, with a Carrier Frequency of 97.99 Hz, and an Offset Frequency of 100.99 Hz

Preview 2

25.0 Hz Binaural Beats, with a Carrier Frequency of 87.307 Hz, and an Offset Frequency of 112.99 Hz

Preview 3

Using automation, this Binaural Beat starts at 0 Hz, working up to 40 Hz, then back again. The Carrier Frequency is 110 Hz, with an Offset Frequency starting from 110 Hz, work up to 150 Hz then back down again.

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