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Start Meditating:
In this section I will be focusing on Meditation itself.
There is little to be learnt here about the Zen plugin. If you wish to learn more about using Zen, move on to the next page.

For some, meditation can be daunting.
There are many ways to meditate. Everyone has their own way of meditating that is comfortable for them.
I'm not about to tell you how to meditate, but I can share my experience with you, as a stepping stone, to get you on your path.

As a practicing Zen Buddhist, they teach us to meditate while facing a wall. I wont go into the why, a simple search on the net can explain this to you, better than I.

The main focus of meditation is "Mindfulness". If you are new to meditation, this would be your first place to start.

So what is Mindfulness? you've probably heard this term many times already, but have trouble understanding what it truly means. Well lets take a look at the word itself.

A few dictionary definitions of "Mindfulness":
  1. Awareness.
  2. Inclination to be mindful or aware.
  3. Paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.
The 3rd definition hits the nail on the head! You meditate to purposely be in the present moment, without expectations.

The information that follows should only be used as a guide, there is no set rules to meditation.
Consider it a stepping stone to help guide you to finding your own way.

Take the time to turn off all electronics in the room. Sit in a relaxed, comfortable position at a time you wont be disturbed.
Try, for 5 minutes first, focusing on everything around you. Use all your senses! Be totally aware of everything around you.
Listen to how things sound in the room. Turn your focus inward and see if you can hear your heart beating.
Feel the light sense of a breeze, the odd prickle of your skin or twitch of a nerve.

Take this time to learn and listen to your 5 senses:
  1. Vision - Use your sight and be mindful of your peripheral vision at all times.
  2. Hearing - Be open to every sound, internally and externally.
  3. Taste - Be aware of changes of taste in your mouth.
  4. Smell - Be open to sudden changes in smell, or fragrances, and picture what you smell.
  5. Touch - Take the time to bring your intent to particular parts of your body, that maybe in contact with objects, and how it feels.

Next time you meditate, try this little exercise again, but for 10 minutes. Make notes in a journal of anything you feel is important or interesting.

Please always remember:
Do not have any expectations.
Do not make demands.
Don't think you are unworthy.
Don't rush the process.
Leave the ego outside.
Keep a journal.

IMPORTANT: Please don't get too disheartened by other peoples experiences. There are many people online, who like to over complicate what needs no complication. Recognize when the ego, in self and others, is at play. Remember, this is your journey, be true to yourself and let the world around you carry on.

Have no expectations. Have total awareness!

Once you are comfortable with the above exercise, and you can meditate for about 20~30 minutes, try this next stage.

Chakra Balancing:
In this section we will be touching on the Chakras, and the balancing process. During these exercises you can use Zen, with headphones, and the Chakra tone frequencies for each Chakra.

I was not taught this next process via Zen Buddhism. I learnt this next process during Reiki training, and find it very helpful. I hope you do too.

To start, I cant say this enough, INTENT is very powerful! and should never be underestimated.
Intent is the key behind every action we do! If we don't have the intention of doing something, nothing gets done!

Step 1 - Protection:
Protection, and getting use to creating the intent of protection, is very important in any energy or spiritual work.
Many religious beliefs have different forms of protection. Regardless, they all come from the same roots - Thought, Intent, Energy, Manifestation!
Christians, for example, believe in "God". They also believe in the process of putting ones hands together, in a prayer position. This is actually called a "Mundra" and its older then Christianity itself! In Buddhism, we call it Gassho.
From my stand point and beliefs, I prefer to replace the word "God" with, "The Source" or "Creation" or "The Oneness". All these are one and the same! The Source of all life that ever was, is, and ever will be.
I see "Creation" as pure white light. It is the life force energy that is in all living creatures. It is the same energy that Star Wars called "The Force". It is the same energy the Chinese call "Chi" or "Qi" (as in Tai-Chi). It is the same energy the Japanese call "Ki". (As in ReiKi)
With the power of intent and visualization, we can call upon this bright light energy to protect us.

Lets try a little exercise.

Protection Exercise:
Revert back to your mindfulness exercise. Ensure you are sitting in a relaxed, safe, quiet environment.
Place your hands in Gassho. 🙏
Take a few deep breaths to help relax the body and calm the mind.
If you are comfortable doing so, actually speak the words out loud, into the universe. If you are not yet comfortable doing so, speak the words in your mind, but remember, intent is key!
  1. 1. When you have reached a relaxed state, imagine a beam, or a ball, of white light coming down from the Aether, God, Creation, Sky (what ever your belief).
  2. 2. Imagine this ball of white light entering the top of your head, working its way down through your head, down your neck to the center of your chest.
  3. 3. While visualizing this white light, call out to your preferred higher power, and ask, with intent, for protecting.
  4. 4. Imagine this white light slowly expanding, growing outwards from your heart center.
  5. 5. Using intent and visualizations, imagine now this bright light completely surrounded you, 360° degrees, in protection - like a bubble.
  6. 6. With intent, state the purpose of the protection.
  7. 7. End your intent with a manifesting statement like "and so it is".
If your new to this, this might all sound a little confusing to get your head around. Just to give you an idea, here is a little example how I call for protection - but remember, this is not a script. Putting your intent into your own words is the most powerful method.

As I stated above -> Thought, Intent, Energy, Manifestation.

I start with the thought of protection, then the intent. I then call upon "Creation".
While the ball of white light travels down, after my initial thought & intent, I then say the following.

"I call upon creation itself, and ask for your protection during this meditation session. I ask that this energy force covers and protects me against negative energies, negative entities, hexes, evil eye, curses and anything that does NOT serve me for my highest, greatest good - and so it is!"

I then visualize myself being totally cocooned in this positive, high vibrational energy.

During and while in this state, always remember your MINDFULNESS training. Try and be aware of changes in your 5 senses.

1. Did you see any light changes (You may see this but not with you physical eyes - Sometimes visuals happen via the 3rd-Eye Charka)
2. Hearing - Did you hear anything during the travel of the white light? High pitch noises?
3. Feelings - Did you feel any sensations during the traveling of the protective light? Temperature changes? Internal energy shifts? Pulsations?
4. How about smells? Did you smell any particular fragrance, that should not even be in the room?

These are just a few example you need to be mindful of, and make notes of, during meditations. (Journal)

Step 2:
Now you are protected, lets now work on your Chakras.
When I perform self work this way, I always start at the Root Chakra. It is the lowest rung of the ladder. It makes sense to start from the bottom, slowly, working your way up.
If it helps, bring your hands down just over your pelvic area. This is the area of your Root Chakra.
You can rest your hands here if you wish. By making contact with this area, it helps bring total awareness to this Chakra.
With intent, call out as before, and ask for this Root Chakra to be balanced and cleansed of any negative energies that don't serve you for your highest good! While performing this step for each Chakra, imagine a spinning ball of light, in the color each Chakra you are working on. In this case, the Root Chakra is red. Imagine the spinning red ball, bring all your awareness and intent down to that Chakra.
Focus on your mindfulness training again, observing how you feel in this area. For example, look out for changes in temperature, twitches or spasms. Can you feel the steady fluttering of the Chakra itself? Don't be surprised if you do. Don't be disappointed if you don't. Have no expectations. Have total awareness!
The more you can imagine, in the way of each Chakra, and its colour and location, the more powerful the experience!
Make mental notes of any sensations, no matter how small and insignificant.
Using the same method, work your way through all the Chakras. Take your time.
If you get any random thoughts during this process, acknowledge them. Note when they appeared and at what Chakra point, then just release them and move on.
You should always treat this process as a form of self healing. Spend time putting the work in on each of the Chakras.
Never skip or rush a Chakra, just to get to the next. Learn to use your intuition when it comes to moving on to the next Chakra.

Finishing Up:
When you have finished balancing all Chakras, give thanks to Creation for providing you with protection. Ask for continued protection moving forward.
If you did have random thoughts pop into your head during this process, investigate these thoughts further. At what Chakra did they appear.
You may have random thoughts that have no relevance at all (often created by the ego). These can simply be ignored and pushed away.
If these type of thoughts appear in your next session, simply acknowledge them, by saying so, then release them, by saying so again. Something like "I acknowledge this thought, it does not serve me for my highest good and I release it back into the universe."

Some thoughts may come in the form of memories. These should not be ignored!
This is the time to face those memories and fully deal with them head on. Only when you face them, deal with them, and release them, can the real healing work start. These memories may be the cause of karmic ties, or an imbalance to a Charka. Try to relive the memory, as hard as it may be. Rewind and play it over and over again, and ask yourself is this person still me? was I truly at fault? can I forgive myself or the other party involved? This can be a difficult process, depending on the memory. Which is why you should expect the past to re-emerge. In most cases, looking at these memories, from different angles, can give you the perspective you need to move forward.
We have all done things we are not proud of in our lives. There is no such thing as perfection or a perfect person.
It is our soul purpose to learn during our short time here. The only way we learn is to make mistakes. This does not mean you are defined by your mistakes or your past. By facing these "demons" you show spiritual growth. The hardest thing can be letting go. Compassion and forgiveness can be hard to give, when someone has done you wrong. On the other hand, holding on to such memories could be doing you more damage then the other parties involved.
Moving forward, if it does not serve you for your highest good, forgive and forget.

Let no man hold power over you - even through thoughts or memories.

If you cant let go, these memories will continue to haunt you.
In some cases, you may feel the need to face someone, face to face, in the LITERAL sense. This maybe as a victim or a perpetrator of an act that is preventing you moving forward. For example, you may need to seek forgiveness from a person directly.
This is not designed to scare you. I simply wish to bring your awareness to the factors you may face along the way on your journey.

Final Thoughts:
As I said early on, this information should be used as a guide. You can totally amend this to your own method. Its very important you are comfortable doing this process in a way you are happy with.
Everyone is unique! we all experience different journeys throughout our lives. Some of us had very poor child hoods. Through the negative actions of other, this can cause damage to the Chakra system (Poor parenting, bullies, and so on)
It is also important to recognize the negativity we have pushed on others. This maybe the cause of our own Chakra imbalance.
Much like life itself, the experience you have during this cleaning process will be unique.
You may feel nothing at all. You may experience jolts or spasms in particular parts of your body. This could indicate a release of a blockage in the energy system.
You may feel very tired or very energetic. You may even experience a fit of uncontrollable laughter or, on the flip side, a flood of tears.
Have no expectations. Have total awareness. Be open to the experience. Work on the intent of cleansing and balancing each Chakra.
If you end up falling asleep, which is possible, don't panic just try again when you feel ready.

Chose your words wisely:
Frequency and vibration is everything, and everything is frequency and vibration.
In simple terms there are 2 energy forces. Positive and Negative. This is depicted in many different forms, such as, the Chinese philosophy, "Yin" and "Yang", Christian philosophy, "Heaven" and "Hell" and the Freemasonry philosophy, "Duality".
This knowledge has been distorted over time.
That being said, realize this moving forward. Your words have actions. Actions have consequences.
To speak a word is like casting a spell. At a very early age we are taught "Spelling", and the casting of words.
This, with the added intent, can lead us down a very negative path.
When you cast a spell, you are speaking a string of words, with intent. When you are speaking a string of words together, with intent, you are casting a spell.
Makes you realize why monks, for example, chose to take a vow of silence. Food for thought.

Be kind to yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others. Find compassion for yourself and others.

I wish you all the very best best, in love and light, on your path! If we never meet in this realty, I hope to meet you on the other side.

Echo Shore

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