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Welcome to Native Instruments plugin, Zen by Echo Shore.

About Zen:
Zen, by artist Echo Shore, is a 2 in 1 Chakra Tone and Binaural Beats generator.
For best results, wear headphones! It is highly recommend clicking the 'Master Reset' button before first use.
This little 2 in 1 tool was created for artists like myself, who produce music for relaxation and meditation purposes.
Ideally, it is more beneficial to meditate to the isolated frequency, which is called a 'Pure Tone'.
Importantly, Binaural Beats are best listened to alone, without the contamination of other frequencies!
Take care the volume is not too load!

Zen requires Native Instruments Kontakt version 6.1.1 or higher.

The word 'Chakra' often translates to 'wheel'. Today, the most commonly studied is the 'The Seven Chakra System'. These circular vortexes of energy are aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This spinal system is often referred to as 'Jacob's Ladder'. In order to ascend to the Divine / higher state of consciousness, one must climb the ladder but the ladder MUST be balanced first!
Each of the 7 energy centers are said to resonate at a specific frequency. It is believed that, if a Chakra becomes off frequency, this imbalance could manifest itself into a physical or mental health issue.

What could cause an imbalance?
Today, many things! Since we are surrounded by electronic devices like mobile phones, Wi-fi and mobile phone masts as well as radio waves. Being constantly bombarded with these waves could, technically, have an impact on the Chakra system.
One of the biggest causes of an imbalance could also be stress or trauma.

The bottom line, Chakras are at harmony when at specific frequencies. Consider that everything has a frequency, even colour!
There are a few ways to balance Chakras. The most important factor is intent!
Regardless of the steps taken you MUST have the intention of balancing the Chakras - Its all very well meditating, but if you are not clear and focused on your reasons for doing so, your wasting your time.

The frequencies in Zen, target specific Chakras and aim to balance them. Again, intent is everything. You can listen to the frequency isolated, while meditating, or lay it over a light, claming track you find relaxing. The frequencies do not have to be played loud, so use caution and common sense. You should be able to hear it but not enough to overpower the music its over or to cause discomfort. Again, listening to the pure tone, without contamination, is most beneficial.
Hint: Try mixing the tone over some very light sound effects, like crickets, for example.

2 of the most traditional frequency systems used, have been added for balancing chakras. I'm not saying other systems are wrong. However, these 2 are the oldest known across many traditions! These are The Solfeggio and Vedic frequencies.

Binaural Beats:
The word 'Binaural' basically means 2 ears or relating to 2 ears. The 'Beat' refers to the rhythmic pattern of two sounds of slightly different frequencies. With Binaural Beats, two frequencies are played simultaneously but in different ears. One tone is panned hard left, the other hard right which is why headphones MUST be worn.
These two frequencies are named 'The Carrier' frequency and 'The Offset' frequency. The Carrier frequency is a stationary
frequency while the Offset frequency is slightly detuned from the Carrier frequency. The brain then gradually falls into synchrony with the difference of these two. This is called the Beat frequency.
As already said, Binaural Beats are best listened to as a "Pure Tone". Meaning, they become much less beneficial if contaminated with other frequencies! (like overlaying them over music or sound effects)

Lets look at an example:

Carrier Freq: 120hz with an Offset Freq: 140hz gives a Binaural Beat of 20Hz

The Binaural Beat frequencies are split into groups. These are as follows:
1. Delta
2. Theta
3. Alpha
4. Beta
5. Gamma

Delta being the lowest band and Gamma being the highest.
So in the above example a 20Hz Beat frequency would fall under the 'Beta' range.
The lowest set Carrier frequency in ZEN is 65.406Hz which is the key of C2. The highest set Carrier frequency in Zen is set to 1046.502hz, which is the key of C6. It is believed that a Binaural Beat frequency should NOT exceed 40Hz, and both Carrier and Offset frequencies should not exceed 1000 Hz, so please keep this in mind.
The Binaural Beat frequency you set on the dial, remains constant regardless of the note you choose, within the set keyboard range.

I hope you enjoy using Zen as much as I do. I really enjoyed developing it and, as a practicing buddhist, still use it during meditations today.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please send me a message via


Echo Shore

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