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First of all - TURN VOLUME DOWN BEFORE STARTING - I can not be held responsible for any misuse that may cause damage to equipment or personal health.
Zen is not intended to treat or cure any disease nor should any of the information herein be taken as medical advice.
There is much information regarding 'Chakras' and 'Binaural Beats' on the internet so please do your own research first!
While there is no evidence that listening to these tones can cause problems, please be mindful of the the following:
  1. If, at any time you feel uneasy, unwell, or pain while listening STOP USE IMMEDIATELY!!!
  2. Anyone with epilepsy, or those with serious mental disabilities, should not use Zen without the approval of an appropriate medical professional.
  3. If you are pregnant, wearing a pacemaker or prone to seizures please seek approval from a medical. professional before using Zen
  4. You should consult your doctor directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of any audio brainwave entrainment technology like Binaural Beats.
  5. Binaural Beats can produce hyper-relaxed states so DO NOT drive or operate dangerous machinery while listening!

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